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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The State of Things

I flipped over the calendar to the new month, this morning.
To October, that is. It's officially Spring!
And not a moment too soon because I discovered that
Today is the MOTH's Little Prince's 20th birthday.
I thought it was tomorrow.
Oh dear!
As you can tell, I've been living a day-to-day existence for all of October (and September, come to think of it).
I live my life by what happens on the weekends with the MOTH & by the names of the days of the week, for the rest of the week & the family events which come with.
It went something like this, this week:
Dentist on Monday. Organise some new pots and potting mix for the garden, go to the optometrist, vacuum the dog hair.
Tuesday. No, I can't remember Tuesday (except for the use of the 9x20kg bags of potting mix) but I do remember making some appointments while I was out and about for Wednesday. Sigh. Vacuum the doghair.
Wednesday was car cleaning (all the damned dog hair!), beading class and then later in the day I had tea with the Crown Princess & her baby bump.
I think she got offended when I mentioned that it was time we went bra shopping.
Pregnant woman worrying she's getting 'fat'.
Proud grandma all excited for her daughter's gorgeous baby shape.
Forgot to vacuum the doghair.
Thursday, went to another beading class & then had the postponed lunch from Wednesday with the Living Doll, followed in the evening by a casual, but lovely, dinner with the MOTH at our local fave haunt.
Damn the dog hair, I'll do it tomorrow!
Friday. Major vacuuming crisis so did the house, the verandas around the house, the footpaths ... essentially I got so carried away because I read the instructions for the leaf blower and got it going first tug. Dinner with friends, including a new grandma. Major panic attack afterwards because I know I'm going to be just as potty as her!
And so to Saturday and two birthdays this weekend which I thought were tomorrow and Monday.
Oh dear!
These are the highlights. There's a lot of 'routine' in there as well
(walking in the park at 5am & neighbourhood friends to catch up with, school days, etc)
I'm on the treadmill but not in a rut.
I'm very happy with life indeed.
I promise to flip over the calendar again, tomorrow.

Happiness & laughter to one and all,Felicity

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Blissful Week!

I'm still not stitching!

I've been travelling.
The MOTH spoke at a conference in Canberra early in the week, so I went with him so that I visit my childhood stamping ground and catch up with my sister who has had pneumonia.

It was great to catch up!

On Sunday evening, the three of us headed out to dinner, and then on Monday The Princess Royale and I did a bit of window shopping and then went to high tea.

We gossiped together until 8pm.


Tuesday was The Cadet Princess's 22nd birthday, so instead of stopping in Brisbane, I changed planes and headed north to Townsville.

There was more girlie gossip, more window shopping.

More. Bliss!

When I arrived back in Brisbane on Thursday evening (last night), I stopped in the city for the evening, & the rest of the family gathered for dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Fortitude Valley.

The food was good & the company spectacular.

But that's not all folks ...

The Crown Prince's Consort and I went to the craft fair today.

My feet are sore but oh what a wonderful time we had together!

We're going to be making cards and doing some more beading, like we did a few years ago

(I'm not going to be as adventurous as last time & make for people who might not appreciate, but the family is going to be decked out in shiney beads for Christmas).

I hope you, too, are getting into the excitement of the approaching season of Noel.

Have a great weekend.


Saturday, October 16, 2010


It's a good thing that I'm not a wicked witch because with the kind of weather we've been having over the last 7 weeks, I'd have melted long ago!

While it was not ideal, this is how the road 200 metres down the hill from Castle Bliss used to flood during heavy rain.
This is the nature of creeks in Australia.
The water would run away within 24 - 48 hours & the road be passable.
It didn't happen often, but, unfortunately, it happened often enough in the last 5 years (maybe an extraordinary five times) that some know-it-all at Brisbane City Council decided to spend $4.5million and do an upgrade.
The locals petitioned against a new bridge.

The bridge was finished in July 2010.
Yes, dear Readers, a simple 4 months ago.
This is how the water looked last Sunday afternoon at the same spot but looking in the opposite direction.
The new bridge couldn't cope with the water any more than the old causeway.

I suspect that there is a lawsuit just waiting to happen here!
To be honest, with the kind of rain Brisbane has been having in recent months
(our dams have gone from 0% to 100% capacity
& we have an 80% chance of rain continuing until Christmas
just as it did in the disasterous 1974 Brisbane flood)
our little causeway wouldn't have coped any better.
I feel sorry for the company which built the new bridge.

Don't be surprised that lots of the locals are shaking their heads and thinking:
"I told you so!"

What a mess!

Wherever you are, I hope you are safe and dry!

Happiness & laughter to one and all,


Thursday, October 07, 2010

Confession Time

Meari's blog is telling me to get my mind back onto stitching, this week.

It's not possible, I say!

I'm too busy having an affair with Tom!

Tom is squiring me around town (occasionally taking me via Warwick in the hinterland, it seems) & I'm having fun. Yesterday I went down to the Gold Coast to see the Crown Prince's Consort. Tomorrow Tom's taking me to Bribie Island in the north. My little red mazda & I are clocking up the miles this week.

The MOTH seems quite pleased, really. He's in Singapore for work so he's not here to escort me places himself so he's quite pleased that Tom is happily telling me where to go and how long it will take to do it - and that I'm doing what I'm told.

"Tom?" you may ask. A simply gorgeous English accent and all ... a dream.

Every girl should have a Tom in her life - a Tom Tom, that is.

I love my GPS navigator!

Some time soon I'll tell you about my other love affair with family history.

Happiness & laughter to one and all,


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