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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday mornings at Castle Bliss

The MOTH & I used to have a Saturday routine of "up early , walk the dogs, get fit, use up calories blah blah..." You know the good intentions. We've done it for years! Fortunately, poor Lucy and Harry have hot spot (skin infections) which mean we cannot take them out for walks at the moment, so we have had to change the routine...

Since our return from France, the Saturday activity has been "wake up as we wake (still about 5.30am in summer when it's light at 4.30am), shower and go to the Powerhouse museum vege markets for mushrooms, stuffed olives and great coffee and 'bugger the the dogs we'll walk them tonight!' " routines. What a life!

Today we followed the new regime & then headed to the south of Brisbane (we live in the way north West) in search of a garden nursery for supplies. What a wonderful and expensive mistake, dear readers. We arrived home with three triangle palms for the pool yard, a golden cane palm to fill a 'dead spot' in the back garden row, a hydranga because it was pretty, an olive tree because 'what the hell, we've spent a fortune, we may as well feed the cat another canary' and receipts for the leather lounge chairs for our family room and the back veranda dining setting which we have been searching for for about five years - all which seem like impulse buys but which are carefully chosen purchases we could never find, if you know what I mean.

As we were sipping champagne on our veranda chair to celebrate (not that we needed an excuse to sip champagne), it crossed my mind to ask you, dear readers, if you have ever had one of those days that seemed to fall into place but when you then analyse the situation you realise that that dream has been carefully planned and organised up to an inch of its life since Adam was was a nipper at Coogee Beach? Today was one of those days, for us.

Special, huh?

Nobody could afford it to happen too often, but goodness it was fun!

Happiness & laughter, one and all,


P.S. Yes, I put about a hundred stitches into the 'Seasonal Chairs' project this week, but then frogged them. Let's just say that I was having a van Gogh moment and put them in the wrong place. Waa!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


9th February 1980

Life's never quite what we expect, is it? Thirty years ago today, I got married for the first time. I was not yet 20 years old. He was 27. We were truly in love, folks, truly in love.

I expected the marriage to last forever. It didn’t. At the time he left, he told me that it was because I didn’t do enough for his career. The truth was that at aged 40, he changed his mind about what was important to him. Marital & family obligations got in the way of work commitments, so he left.

I cried for 2 years. Then I got on with living my life again, not just breathing in and out. I raised the four kids, went to university, then went to Europe & finally went to live in another town where I met The dearly loved MOTH, some time later. The rest is a story for another day.

This long ago marriage was a failure, so why am I celebrating it here on the blog? For me, the most important thing in life is family. The marriage failed but friendship between us & our sense of family prevailed. The ex wasn’t around for most of my 30s nor early 40s, but, for him, somewhere in the early to mid-noughties, family life took front row again. It’s one of those scenarios where you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s really gone (kids grown up, wife married to someone else, everyone living 2000km away). All off-spring, no matter what age or stage need both parents. We made a great team as parents!

July 1991

June 2007

Family, warts and all, is always a fabulous reason to celebrate!

My simple advice is old wisdom:

Don't ever be afraid to try to make things better;
You might be surprised at the results.
Don't ever stop dreaming your dreams.

Happiness & laughter to one and all. I'm enjoying the beautiful flowers he sent this morning.


Friday, February 05, 2010

House repairs

Picture taken March 2005

I haven't been doing much stitching since I arrived home. We had more water into the house while we were away, so my primary 'creative' focus has been to organise repairs to the roof.

It's going to be a major job! The builder gave me a list of things that I need to do, so I've organised plumbers to fix blocked downpipes, arranged the chopping of the offending trees (and a couple of others that were termite infested), looked at paint combos (to spruce outside the place up - the worst bits cannot be seen in the picture, but they were last painted when the house was built 16 years ago), made decisions to get a couple of skylights installed at the same time, etc. It's hot work but a lot of fun. We won't know the place when we are done.

I probably went too far with the tree pruning, to be honest. All the shrubs that have offended me over the last 4.5 years got the chop. They are the ones at the back of the veranda that you can see. I've made way for some citrus and mango trees (just one mango tree). I will be off to buy self-cleaning Alexander palms for around the swimming pool, too.

Lucy & Harry don't know what has hit them, either. The house has had a good cleaning, so they are not allowed inside until I have enjoyed (for long enough) the dog-hair free zones. LOL.

Happiness & laughter to one and all,


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