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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How Romantic!

He told everyone that he was giving her a toaster for her birthday.
Instead, the Crown Prince commissioned this painting for his Princess.

Nadia is a talented artist. Her favourite subject is our David. There are many paintings & sketches of my boy around their house. This was his way of putting a beautiful painting of his Nadia on their wall.

I'm a very proud mama today!

Here are some of Nadia's own beautiful works

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life continues ...

I haven't blogged in months. It doesn't mean a lack of news or general happenings, it just means that there hasn't been time to write.

The book research for my family genealogy is coming along nicely & takes up most of my time. It required a trip to the Goldfields of Victoria, in early June. It was supposed to be all work but what can I say? Work was fun, for a change. I met some lovely people, saw beautiful countryside and had a very productive time. As I was in the heartlands of Australian wool producers, I also visited many gorgeous crafting shops with shelves stuffed with cross stitch, quilting and knitting stash.

I must say that we covered quite a bit of ground on that trip. The MOTH flew from Brisbane, Qld, to Malaysia and then to meet me in Melbourne. We spent time in Melbourne and then we explored country Victoria. The region had its coldest June days since 1958, so good thing I had my great coat with me. On the way home, we called in on family at Nelson Bay, near Newcastle, NSW. I love getting together with the senior members of the MOTH's family. They are lovely people.

The next trip is to Sydney in about a month's time. It's more genealogy but it's also for the living. My uncle turns 80 on the same day that my Canberra based sister celebrates her next birthday. It will be great to see them both & catch up with some aunts, cousins and distant relatives.

Speaking of jobs a few paragraphs ago, I still poke my nose into high school classrooms now-and-again. I'm so glad I'm no longer a full time teacher. Everything is good in terms of students and teachers and their efforts, but something is not right about how we educate our kids, these days. Of course, it's all about 'technology' (which is underfunded and obsolete at most schools), so rather than rather than teaching our kids anything worthwhile we waste time trying to use technology for technology's sake (read: wait for the damned computers to boot up, connect to slow networks or find new passwords for kids who have zapped their school accounts somehow). Last visit to school, I was also appalled at the grammar and spelling prowess of my student teacher but that's just the literature and language teacher in me!

The maintenance of Castle Bliss has been a priority, this year. We recently built a new fence between our neighbours (the other one more or less leaned on a 45 degree angle towards their house because of rotten timber posts), installed solar panels, revamped the rose garden (so that it now actually contains some rose bushes), and spent a fortune getting the garage remote running again.

Of course I can't actually sit at the computer today and not hurt all over. It's a combo of Grandma status & over-enthusiasm at the gym. I've been on an exercise regime for months. Walking the dogs is easy. Going to the gym twice a week is killing me! LOL. Hence, I have recently taken up yoga - er, I went once and plan to go back again (twice weekly) now that the winter vacation is over. The thing is the more I exercise the more I hurt. My back muscles don't like it one bit (so knot up like floss in a TUSAL jar) but with some core strength from the extra yoga, everything is improving. Then again, massage and a week of no exercise and nothing hurts. Damned shame it's not good for the hips, huh?

Lucy & Harry

... And so to stitching. The rest of this blog entry should be blank.

While I spent an afternoon last week tidying up my stash in the home office, I'm not stitching at all. My friend, Paula, has a baby blanket project that she calls the blanket from hell. My blanket knitting has simply become hell because it just goes on and on. I have thoughts of Groundhog Day every time I sit to knit. Last night I felt a moment of glee when I thought that I had reached the end of the patterning. I then read the pattern to check what to do next. Silly girl! I'm still 120 rows shy of where I thought I was! Ah well. The Princess Royale's grandkids will have a beautiful rug to sleep on when they visit.

Made by the Cadet Princess & finished by me

Speaking of grandkids, Our Little Prince is four months old and simply gorgeous! The only thing the Princess Royale has to worry about is that the next baby is as placid and giggly as its older brother. What Bliss!

Proud Aunt & Baby

The MOTH organised a Greek menu in honour of Christmas in July last Saturday night. The event actually has nothing to do with Christmas but is a wonderful weekend marked on the calendar at the beginning of every year to spend time with family and friends. I cannot complain about the parenting stakes and family awareness any more than Miranda can. I have 4 lovely adult off-spring who all like to spend time with me. Everyone came to our event except The Living Doll who had work commitments she couldn't avoid. Toping off the theme of 'family love' in this blog, I can happily report that four of my siblings and many of their entourage also attended. Our dad loved Greek food so we shared fond memories of experimental cooking.

I bought some stash yesterday (not that I need it). These are what the finished items look like:

I'd better sign out before I go on any further. I'm on a news sharing roll.

I'm visiting people's blogs & making comments when I can. Like me, some of you blog less often than you used to. Never-the-less, stay in touch!

Happiness & laughter to one and all,


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