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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Family Wedding

The MOTH's eldest son & his new wife
15th May 2010

The MOTH & his wife at the same 'Do'

Friday, May 07, 2010

The Mad Tea Party

In honour of my 50th birthday, The MOTH, Paul, & my children (The Crown Princess, Miranda; The Crown Prince, David; The Living Doll, Diana; and The Cadet Princess, Gabriella) threw me a Mad Tea Party! Everyone cooked for a week before the event. On the day, the off-spring, their father (my ex-husband) & The Crown Princess's SIL slaved away in my kitchen. They did a marvelous job, don't you think?

I thought I chose what I wore to the event, but it seems I was manipulated by the girls to choose the outfit that went best with my husband's huge surprise of dressing as The Hatter! Isn't he gorgeous?

The cooks did a wonderful job!
(This is a small sample of their work)

The Crown Princess

The Crown Prince

The Living Doll

The Cadet Princess with her Mama
(she and her brother were official photographers for the event as well as cooks)

The gift from the children was the long-ago requested portrait to hang on the wall.
Yes, they had to do it their way, didn't they?

My beautiful babies!
They did the same thing (with teenage ninja turtle masks) when in 1991 when I wanted an official photo for their paternal grandmother in the clothes that she had bought them for Christmas!

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