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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day

Artwork © Richard Galbraith, 2006.

Australia doesn't have many traditions. Attempts to get Halloween off the ground have stalled due to one too many homeowners telling little kids to get off their property or they will see a scary sight. Australia's equivalent of America's Thanksgiving Day is Australia Day on January 26, the landing of the First Fleet of Convicts in Botany Bay.

Unfortunately, there is much more emotional resonance in celebrating pioneering pilgrims who broke bread with the natives than there is in celebrating criminals that stole bread and were duly hung. Needless to say, Australia has no tradition of putting the old ball and chain on your leg, and subsequently walking down the street in tribute to the founding fathers. Likewise, Australia has no statues of the pioneering Convicts holding up their shackled wrists in triumph!

Ironically, the suffering the Convicts and the cruelty of the wardens makes the anniversary of their landing quite a useful date for a national celebration. Because Australia commenced in such a negative way, the date provides a great opportunity to reflect upon how far Australia has come, and how far it still has to go.

Many Australians put such sentiments into action by using Australia Day to visit friends, attend a rock concert, or have a barbeque. Because there are no firm prescriptions about how they should think or feel, most Australians simply take the initiative to make the day into what they want it to be. Castle Bliss inhabitants 'touch base' with the neighbours for a couple of hours on this day. It's our turn to host the event, so I am baking scones.

Whatever you are doing to celebrate, my Australian mates, E-N-J-O-Y

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brisbane Flood 2011

It was this kind of week, last week here in Brisbane.

I won't bore you with stuff you have probably already seen on television,
so I'll show you something 'local'.
This is the beginnings of rising water around our way, last Wednesday.
We didn't hang around for more pics because those flood waters were

A day of relief on a
Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I cannot believe that I'm about to say this but I wish it would rain.
It’s hot and it’s humid; about 37C or 98.8F.
Look at the storms coming, would you?
They will bring 20 minutes of cooling rain.

The race is also now on to clear school grounds and repair damaged classrooms in 60 schools and 90 kindergartens in the flood zone in time for the scheduled start of school in about two weeks.
Rainy season and school's Autum term return are kind of traditional here in Queensland.

Thankfully, Castle Bliss was not in any danger of rising flood waters which swept around the city. It’s perched at the top of a very steep driveway. Nor was it inundated from above, as it has been on previous occasions when the roof still leaked.

My number two sister (I have 5 of them so I’m numbering them according to family position) was not so lucky. Her house is a write off & so are many of her possessions which were within. What. A. Mess.

By Sunday, the worst of the clean-up for Jane was done (all thanks to sisters number 4 and 5 and their friends and husbands), so a bit of light relief in the form of high tea and champers with family seemed appropriate. It was already scheduled as 'Baby Shower Day' for the Princess Royale so easy to get people together. Her sisters also did a great job.

The picture above shows the flood waters rising from Moggill Creek and the Brisbane River merging about a kilometre from Castle Bliss, last Wednesday morning. We had just flown into town after our holiday but couldn’t get home as we live on the other side. We spent a couple of comfortable nights in a hotel high on the hills behind the city.

Before the floods, there had been a lot of rain, so Brookfield Park and Moggill Creek did their usual thing of filling to overflowing with rainwater.

By the time the river peaked, the 5m high sheds at our local plant nursery (just up the road from where we took these pics and about a kilometre from our house) went well under water. When we finally got through this area to get home, there were cars on the sides of the road obviously damaged beyond repair from flood waters and flower pots (which usually need a crane to lift them) scattered around the neighbourhood. Frightening!

Drum roll please ...

The big news for next time is that my stitcing mojo has returned.

I'll post pictures soon.

Happiness, laughter & a hug to one and all,


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