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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Elaine's dinner for her 80th

At dinner to celebrate Mum's 80th.
Laurieton, March 2009.
(Don't you just love the dark hair? I might stay dark for a while, even though I'm a natural blonde)

Trevor & Elaine, The MOTH's parents

Joanne & Steve, the MOTH's sister and her husband

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Dancing!

Exams are done for this round.
I'll update & start surfing your blogs during the next week!
Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this weekend as much as I will.

Friday, March 06, 2009

MIL's gift

If you have been reading my blog for a period of time, you would know that my MIL's 80th birthday is just around the corner and that we are going south this weekend to celebrate. I've put together a parcel for her this week (something to wear, something to read, something to do).

Yes folks, I'm taking my life into my hands and giving her a lace g-string to wear. I think it will complement nicely the Mills & Boon sops she likes so much.

For those of you who are scrating your heads wondering about this this choice of gift, there is a story behind it. For Christmas 2007 my MIL gave me 5 pairs of white Bonds Cottontail full briefs, with the instructions that they were long lasting & that the elastic was easily changeable when it sags. I was kind of shocked. LOL

The note in with the g-string is going to say something like "Cottontails may wear well, but this little number is comfortable to wear and kinda sexy". Even I don't have the nerve to tell my 80 year old MIL that if her husband doesn't like it (her excuse for not doing things she doesn't want to do) that she can always take it off for him (head shaking here in horror at the thought).

It's all in good fun & MIL has been forewarned that she is getting a gag gift. The bundle also includes bedsocks, two Mills & Boon novels, a bumper wordsearch book and money towards a holiday for two to their fave destination.

I've also dyed my hair chocolate brown for the occasion. It must be exam relief syndrome. The MOTH is in shock. He has only ever seen me as a blonde with a few highlights. The thing about having medium blonde hair is that those highlights are often two shades lighter than my natural colour. This time I simply went two shades darker. LOL - not quite Addams family mama yet.

Meanwhile, my sister, Jane, is taking well the news that I'm not going to her birthday party. It's apparently the first party she has had in 25 years! I feel terrible but understand that The MOTH needs support on this one. However, please remind me if I'm ever put in this miserable choice situation again, I'm not missing another of my siblings' birthday parties ever again after this! I'm not giving an inch on my 50th and that damned wedding.

Still no stitching. I've got one more exam next week so then ...

Have a good weekend, one and all.

Happiness & laughter,


P.S. (Sunday evening) MIL loved the gift! She had a good giggle. Phew!

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