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Saturday, November 11, 2006


I don't usually post entries about my cross stitch here on Daily Bliss, but this entry is worth sharing with friends who don't have a passionate interest in cross stitch but wonder about my hobbies and interests. Some of my master pieces are finally framed! Above you can see The Gang and Pooh's Seasons. These are projects I've completed this year. Aren't they beautiful?

Below are works that have been sitting unframed in a box for quite some time. As I once said, I don't tend to frame my work until I have found a home for it. This time around, I decided to keep these special things for myself - for the time being.

The Willow Pattern was a project I did for nostalgia. My parents had these plates when I was a small child. The Seaside picture is one of three from a series that ran in a cross stitch magazine in 1989. I'm still to do the other two.

These cuties are ones I did when I was first learning how to cross stitch pictures rather than the aprons I learned on when in school.


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